Simplify Paper Processes And Save Time With Midrepro Document Storage

Ready to embrace a paperless future?

At Midrepro, we’re not just about printing; we’re leading the way in transforming your office into a digital powerhouse.

Say goodbye to mountains of paper, and hello to the future with Midrepro Document Storage, your all-encompassing ally for streamlined document management. Whether you’re making the leap to a completely digital office or seeking to refine your existing document workflows, Midrepro Document Storage can help to revolutionise how your business handles documents, ensuring efficiency and smooth operations at every step.

How can Midrepro help your business?

Effortless Compatibility: Easily integrate with any scanner or multifunction printer that connects to a Windows directory, ensuring straightforward set-up and functionality.

Cutting-Edge OCR Technology: Enhance your document accessibility with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), converting scanned documents into searchable PDFs, streamlining your workflow and saving precious time.

Straightforward Online Interface: Engage with an intuitive online interface that allows you to access, search, file, and view documents with absolute ease, all from your preferred web browser.

Advanced Search Features: Midrepro Document Storage simplifies document discovery through its powerful search capabilities. Whether employing the simple search bar or exploring deeper with advanced search options, locating the needed document is effortless.

Email Integration for Easy Uploads: Directly send documents to Midrepro Document Storage via email attachments, offering a convenient solution for file management on the go, especially from mobile devices.

Automated Document Organisation: Automated document filing and naming cuts down on time spend doing tedious manual tasks whilst also ensuring consistency across your digital filing system.

Customisable Indexing: Adjust index fields to detail critical document information, enhancing your filing system and search functionality, precisely tailored to your business’s needs.

Enhanced Security Protocols: Midrepro Document Storage empowers you with complete control over document access, with customisable permissions to safeguard your data.

Microsoft Office Compatibility: Use seamless integration with Microsoft Office to directly file emails and documents from Word, Excel, and Outlook, enhancing your efficiency and simplifying your document management processes.

Adaptable Document Inboxes: Establish a variety of inboxes for temporary storage or for effective document distribution among team members, making document sharing straightforward.

Document storage that saves you time, money, and space

How does Midrepro Document work?

  • Easy Installation: Start by installing the Midrepro Cloud Connect App on a local PC or server, effortlessly merging with your existing infrastructure.
  • Streamlined Scanning: Scan documents easily with pre-defined profiles for fast, one-touch scanning directly from your copier or scanner.
  • Smart Document Processing: The Midrepro app automatically processes your documents, including splitting scans and managing barcodes according to your predefined specifications.
  • Secure Cloud Storage: Your documents are safely transmitted to Midrepro’s cloud servers for secure storage and backup, providing peace of mind.

Access documents from anywhere

With Midrepro Document Storage, your documents are accessible from any web browser, enabling seamless collaboration and remote work possibilities.

Comprehensive Document Lifecycle Management: Benefit from Midrepro’s access control, audit trails, and retention policies, ensuring compliance and effective management throughout your documents’ lifecycle.

Transform your document management with Midrepro Document Storage, saving time and enhancing productivity across your organisation. Let Midrepro Document Storage pave the way to a digital office environment.

A paperless alternative

Our electronic document storage system is a paperless alternative to document scanning, making it a more sustainable way to store important information. If you’re interested in a no-obligation demo to show you how Midrepro can increase efficiency within your business, we’re offering free demonstrations.

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