In the bustling environment of a school, where education is paramount, managing resources effectively is crucial. The reality is, schools have to print. But in the world of tight budgets and limited time, finding the right printing and copying solutions is about more than just putting ink on paper.

Understanding the True Cost of Printing

Budget constraints are a constant challenge in the education sector. When it’s time to reassess your photocopier contract, the spike in energy costs – perhaps even tripling since your last evaluation – can’t be ignored. This is where making an informed decision becomes vital. Opting for the cheapest quote might seem appealing, but have you delved deeper into what you’re really signing up for?

The age-old adage “buy cheap, buy twice” resonates strongly here, especially when you’re locked into a five-year contract laden with terms and conditions that are not only restrictive but can also be financially draining. And, for a school, getting entangled in legal battles to break free from such contracts is far from ideal.

Time: The Most Valuable Resource

For educators, time spent out of the classroom is precious. Waiting for printing should not be a significant part of a teacher’s day. The need for efficiency is paramount, and this is where the right choice in your printing and copying solution makes a world of difference.

Bespoke Solutions for Educational Needs

Schools need more than just printers and copiers; they require a seamless solution that includes a fleet of efficient machines, prompt support services to minimise downtime, and software that aids in budgeting costs per department. It’s about having a partner who understands the unique challenges schools face.

The Midrepro Difference

At Midrepro, we’ve seen the challenges schools face with subpar services and hidden costs in contracts. That’s why a crucial part of our service is to thoroughly analyse competitors’ terms and conditions at the point of quotation. A low per-copy cost might look attractive, but it’s our job to unveil any hidden charges in the service agreement that could inflate your overall expenses.

More Than Just a Service Provider

We firmly believe in building relationships beyond business transactions. Our commitment to the education sector extends to supporting schools in broader ways. Whether it’s organising trips and outings, providing prizes for raffles, or offering discounts at local attractions like the Herbert Museum, the Wave, Blaze Ice Hockey, and the Transport Museum, we’re here to add value to your school community.

Breaking Free from Unfair Contracts

As your current agreement nears its end, or if you find yourself entangled in an unfair contract, our team is ready to support you. Our expertise is not limited to providing state-of-the-art printers and copiers; we’re also equipped to guide you through the process of transitioning to a fair and transparent agreement. Our support extends beyond the education sector, assisting any business in need.

Midrepro: A Partner That Cares

In a landscape where many are “tarred with the same brush,” we stand apart. Our dedication to the education sector goes beyond mere transactions. It’s about providing a service that genuinely supports the educational journey.

When you’re ready to explore a printing and copying solution that truly understands and meets the needs of your school, reach out to Midrepro. Let’s work together to ensure that your focus remains on what matters most – educating the future.