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 Try our FREE Print Audit and Assessment Service

If you are unable to answer the following questions, then your organisation will probably benefit from having a Print Audit/Assessment carried out by Midrepro:

  • What are the print volumes being generated on all copiers/printers?
  • How much is being spent each month on printing?
  • Who are the biggest users in your environment?
  • Which printers are getting the most use or overuse?
  • How much could you save with a change in your company’s print strategy?

Without the correct information, most companies take the decision to replace equipment on a “like for like” basis.

A Print Audit will provide detailed and accurate information on the total cost of ownership from existing printing and copying devices. Using this data collected our experts will work with you to reduce costs, maximise the return on your investment, and reduce wastage and lower environmental impact.

Our Managed Print Audit Process:


1) Assess your current total cost of ownership via our Print Performance Review.
2) Design the perfect blend of compatible hardware and software to boost your business processes, including using legacy equipment wherever possible.
3) Implement your new devices and software to ensure minimum disruption and maximum buy-in
4) Manage and support you on an ongoing basis - with detailed usage information and regular health-checks
5) Optimise your print environment to ensure effective reporting, cost analysis and end user experience

Our Print Audit services are FREE to use and you have No Obligation to commit to us after the audit completion.

This service is provided as our commitment to you as a possible new customer to Midrepro where we hope to demonstrate first hand the unrivalled service you can expect from selecting us as your print solution provider. 

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