At Midrepro we cover the whole of the UK.  

We sell, rent, lease and offer service office equipment and document management solutions from our head office in Coventry, Warwickshire. 

Yes – contact our friendly customer service team to discuss which product you’re interested in purchasing.  

A commercial lease rental agreement is a method of financing the cost of business equipment over a term of 3-5 years.  

Fixed cost payments are made on a quarterly basis to cover the rental equipment for the given termPlease note that the title in the goods is retained by the finance provider at the end of the lease agreement. 

Yes, we offer versatile in-house Midrepro rental agreements.  

Whether you’re looking for short or long-term rent, we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your business. Please contact us if you’re interested in renting equipment from Midrepro. 

The main differences between leasing and renting a photocopier boils down to flexibility and costs. Lease costs are usually lower as funding is available. 

At the end of your contract, you will either, extend the agreement, return the machine or upgrade to a new machine. This option can be favourable to organisations who have no interest in owning their machine and wish to upgrade to newer technology after the term. 

All Service costs are included in your Cost per copy and can be paid for on a Monthly or Quarterly basis.  

You’ll receive an invoice from Midrepro for the copies that you have produced unless you have an all-inclusive copy contract. (Then your copies have been included in your invoice from the lease company.) In this case, you should only receive one invoice. 

 Print management includes the assessment, optimisation and proactive management of the print environment, delivered by a provider under a contracted service level agreement. 

Managed print services contracts are either based on an all-inclusive copies contract, in which volume is built into the cost or a cost per copy contract, where billing is based on what is produced. 

Midrepro’s managed print services provide high-quality printing solutions, efficient document management, and secure printing options. The user-friendly interface and advanced scanning capabilities make document digitisation and distribution easier, while robust security measures ensure the confidentiality of your sensitive data. With Midrepro’s managed print services, you can optimise productivity, reduce printing costs, and improve overall efficiency in your printing processes. 

Yes. If you choose to purchase, lease or rent your equipment, we recommend a Midrepro service agreement. This includes delivery and installation, training, toner, parts, labour, and service calls outs. 

Yes, your cost per copy charge is inclusive of toner, parts, labour and service call outs. 

 If you want to upgrade your equipment before the end of your lease agreement you are liable for the outstanding balance. You may also incur a service settlement. You can request a settlement figure from your supplier at any time throughout the life of your agreement. 


Yes, you can, but you may be liable to pay a lease and service settlement. We offer independent contract reviews and will always provide an honest assessment of whether it is feasible to change suppliers. 

Our most popular contract agreements last between 36 and 60 months. We will work with you to ensure that your agreement is tailored to your needs. 

Yes, you can. However, printers available on the high street are suited for personal use and are not suitable for an office environment.  


Many organisations fall into a vicious circle of buying and replacing cheap desktop printers. These devices will not come backed up with a service agreement, hence the frequent replacement. Smaller and cheaper desktop printers also consume toner at a much faster rate. 

Notice periods would usually be stipulated in the terms and conditions of your service agreement, the notice required may also vary dependent on the supplier. Before you enter into a new agreement, we recommend you ask these types of questions, so you are fully informed right from the start. 

Absolutely – your account manager comes as part of your contract as standard.   

Your account manager will be there to support you from your initial enquiry and throughout your contract period. They will highlight where costs may be reduced in your current agreement and advise you of any terms and conditions that may be in place with your incumbent.  


Our account managers are also able to make suggestions to help improve your business performance through opportunities available through our software scanning solutions. This will help to enable direct scan to workflows, which will improve productivity by making documents more accessible. This could also result in faster customer service response times for your business whilst reducing overall paper costs and your carbon footprint. 


We always offer a sustainable solution, and we work closely with Epson offering their Heat Free Printing Technology to customers across the UK. Our aspiration is to ensure that any business that needs to print in order to function effectively, can utilise a heat free printer by 2025. View our sustainability page for more information. 

Unlike many other print management companies, Midrepro Limited are open, ethical and upfront in making our customers aware of any additional costs that may be incurred when financing a purchase using our commercial business partners.   

When selecting to purchase your device/s using a lease rental finance agreement this will incur additional set up costs which are charged by the finance provider and are out of the control of Midrepro Limited. These charges such as “The Document Fee” Usually £165.00 + VAT vary for each finance provider. There’s also an annual variable administration charge usually £40.00+ VAT levied by the finance companies.  

The finance company will also ask that the goods are covered under insurance whilst under the finance agreement/s and proof will be requested. These charges are standard for commercial finance agreements and will be charged by all finance providers even if our competitors may not make you aware of these. 

While some companies charge hundreds of pounds per month per device for network support, we charge an optional small amount per device per month. Please speak to us to find out the current costs. 

We only charge you for what you produce, so if you only print 10 copies, then we only charge you for 10 copies. 

At Midrepro we supply all print only and multifunction devices, from A4 to media size, as well as sustainable print solutions and software to ensure your printing processes are streamlined and effective. 

 When you contact us, one of our friendly Midrepro team members will chat with you about what you need from your printer and how much you plan to use it. We’ll also consider where the printer will be located in your business to suggest the best option for you. 

  Absolutely, Midrepro can work with a variety of settings – from bustling open-plan offices to portacabins in dusty outdoor conditions. We even supply commercial printers with print production machines and support clients in the building and engineering sectors with plotters. Our broad experience enables us to deliver practical solutions, ensuring you get the best outcome. 

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Getting a refurbished printer is as simple as ordering a new one. We wipe the memory clean of any previous user data, and we’ll let you know about its printing capacity and the availability of spare parts. Each machine is thoroughly cleaned and serviced, restoring it to factory-like condition. It comes with toner and everything else you need to start printing as soon as it’s set up. 

At Midrepro, we typically offer a fair contract where you only pay for the prints you make, with no minimum volume required. This cost includes all consumables, parts, and call-out fees. In some cases, if you agree to a minimum volume of prints, you might get better rates, as you’re guaranteeing a level of service income. 


But what really sets us apart is our service agreement terms. Unlike others, you can exit our agreement at no cost to you. Other companies may charge a hefty penalty if you want to leave due to poor service, but we don’t. We believe in earning your business through exceptional service, not contracts. 


Doculogiq offers a digital alternative to traditional document storage, freeing up your office from filing cabinets and off-site storage. This system not only saves your business time and money but also makes valuable physical space available. All your files are securely protected against unauthorised access. Unlike many online document storage systems, Doculogiq stores files on servers right at your location, giving you complete control and peace of mind. 

With Midrepro, you’ll always have a dedicated point of contact, which means you’ll be dealing with the same team members. You’ll have a personal account manager, and you can also expect support from both us and the equipment manufacturer, thanks to our 5-star accreditation. We’re here to ensure you get the best service and support. 

Yes, there are! Midrepro works with various finance companies to provide competitive lease rates, making it easier for you to acquire the equipment you need. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss financing your equipment. 

Midrepro is dedicated to green practices. We offer energy-efficient Epson heat-free printers and refurbish pre-owned machines to reduce waste. We provide advice on sustainable printing practices and help set up recycling programmes. We also offer tools and consultation to enhance your business’s eco-friendly operations. Our goal is to make printing solutions that are good for your business and the environment. 


Midrepro is actively engaged in giving back to the community. We support local charities like Coventry and Warwickshire Mind and Zoe’s Place children’s hospice, among others. We’re also proud sponsors of Coventry City football, Coventry Rugby, and Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey teams. It’s our way of contributing to the spirit of our local community. 

Call us on 02476 666506 or email We’d be happy to hear from you. 



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