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For larger organisations with multiple printers and users it can be important to monitor who prints what and where they print it to. Our Print management solutions offer all of this functionality giving you complete visibility and control of your printer fleet. From authentication at device to cloud printing functionality, our solutions offer a better user experience and increase levels of control.

Control access to copying and scanning

The Authentication module ensures secure access to copying and scanning on all multifunction printers in your print environment. We recommend combining this module with at least one other module to obtain even more benefits. For example, when you add the Print Roaming module, you can also control access to printing.

Secure access to sensitive documents

A greater degree of user freedom, more efficient print processes and reliable security of sensitive data. You will really see the difference with Print Roaming! You can send a job to print and pick it up at any printer in your "Soft Safe" network – anywhere across the globe. And the document is not printed until you log in at the printer, so you do not have to worry about its misuse.

What cannot be measured cannot be successfully controlled and managed

Get a complete overview of each printer’s workload and all operations in your company’s print environment. Only the 'Soft Safe' Reporting module gives you complete and centralized control of all your company’s branches at once – and enables you to reduce the cost of printing, copying, and scanning

Get complete freedom - print anytime, from anywhere

From home, restaurant, plane, train, bus, or car – this module enables you to send jobs to print from literally anywhere. You are not dependent on a computer or a connection to the local network; you only need a smartphone or tablet with a connection to the Internet


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