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Midrepro have been supplying digital office solutions since 1998. Most of the print solutions we supply use the Konica Minolta range of equipment, for whom we are five star suppliers in recognition of the amount of equipment we buy and the high skill levels of all our support staff.

Our policy of always putting the customer first has remained our guiding business principle and resulted in our extensive, loyal customer base throughout the West Midlands area.

Product evolution

Since the early days of simple photocopiers the equipment we now supply has evolved out of all recognition. Modern print devices have multiple functions, can network and record, analyse their own state of health and decide for themselves whether or not to process work based on efficiency and cost criteria.

The maintenance challenge of this complexity is offset by greater reliability. However Midrepro has stayed at the forefront by investing in on-going staff training and developing our own software to optimise the use of our own resources.

Products & services

Many of the products we supply are now software based. These ensure you get the functionality you need. Our role is to help you optimise the benefits you receive from the solution you buy; and that means understanding your current and future needs and matching them to the hardware and software proposed.

Our customers

We now have some 350 customers and over 1000 installations completed across all sizes of organisation, in a variety of business types. Our experience helps you to avoid the pitfalls of buying. Additionally we have particular expertise in education, legal businesses, property, healthcare and finance.

We look forward to working with your organisation


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